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Investee companies

Leading operator on the Italian market in the production and marketing of evacuation flue solutions and systems, both stainless steel, carbon and polypropylene, smoke abatement and air quality improvement solutions.
RFLTC entry date:November 2022 for 20 percent of the shares

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A group that operates in the field of 3D technologies for the entire digital process, for the design, development and manufacturing of products, improving efficiency and sustainability with a view to Industry 4.0.
Entry date of RFLTC:December 2021

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A leading Italian mechanical construction company such as Tier-2 for aerospace with advanced technologies for the three B.U. Civil, Space and Defense.
RFLTC entry date: October 2021, 20 percent shares

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Multi utility company active for over 15 years in Italy in the provision of internet and voice services and since 2015 in energy and natural gas.
RFLTC entry date: July 2020, 10% shares

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A historical player in the railway market, it manufactures and markets light, heavy, and piping carpentry for railway/high-speed.
RFLTC entry date: April 2023, 96% of capital

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Logo Pure Labs

Multi-specialist diagnostic centers operating in Italy, with an innovative service model capable of fully utilizing the potential of digital channels and offering patients personalized paths for prevention, well-being, and longevity. 
RFLTC entry date: November 2023, 26% of the capital

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logo Six Italia

An important player in the fire protection and soundproofing market with products designed for major railway and naval projects.
RFLTC entry date: February 2024, 75% of the capital

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Logo Polieco

A leading company in the production of pipeline systems and resins for coating and packaging.
RFLTC entry date: March 2024,
10% of the capital
Exercise of the option on an additional 5%.
Total participation 15%.

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Logo Saiep

Subsidiary of Movinter S.p.a., it carries out design, construction, and installation of control and power cabling, electrical panels for the railway sector, power distribution, and automation.
Entry date: June 2024, 100% of the capital

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History of shareholdings

Information Technology Solutions and System Integrator
(divested in November 2022)

Bronte Pistachio Processing
(transferred to December 2022)