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Redfish Longterm Capital

A reliable partner for investing in the real economy, in Italian Small and Medium Enterprises and Family Businesses even large ones, to support their managerialization process, accelerate their growth, for long-term value creation.

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191 Mln €
23 Mln €
685 +
«We have decided to focus our work on a high-potential market segment that recognizes significant returns for our shareholders, working alongside entrepreneurs on the ground and accompanying them toward organic and structured growth of business realities»

Paolo Pescetto – Chairman of the Board

Our mission


What RFLTC does

RedFish LongTerm Capital, is an Industrial Holding Company that aims to increase the asset value of investee companies with a long-term horizon. The Holding Company works for value creation through managerialization and international M&A development


Potential Participates

The Companies of Interest of RFLTC do not fall into a specific sector being the Holding Company of generalist type with preference in companies with the following prerequisites:

  1. An EBITDA greater than 2M€, expected margins > 10% and a growing historical
  2. Positioning in a market niche with specific products and technological know-how
  3. Family-owned company with strong post-acquisition commitment

RFLTC looks with particular interest at the following sectors: i) precision engineering, ii) rail, iii) aerospace, iv) food, v) ICT, vi) Oil&Gas, and vii) Telco


Entry of RFLTC

Once the Potential Investee is selected, generally RFLTC acquires a minority stake in either Capital Increase or Share Purchase, leaving the entrepreneur to retain control of his Company.


Development Plan

RFLTC defines together with the entrepreneur a development plan, which will then be implemented according to the agreements between the Members. The growth of the companies in which RFLTC invests is generally focused in these three areas:

  • Organic: improvement of business operations and process efficiency, with inclusion of new strategic expertise from the RFLTC network;
  • External growth: RFLTC is in charge of identifying and structuring potential companies for the Investee to acquire with the aim of expanding into new (including foreign) complementary markets and products;
  • Financial efficiency: through RFLTC’s network with leading lending institutions, one of the goals is to improve access to credit and financial management structure

They say about us

Business model

RFLTC’s business model has distinctive features and attractive strengths both from the point of view of Investor Members and from the point of view of Subsidiary Companies, in particular:

  • For the shareholders

    1. Investees: RFLTC invests mainly in family-owned Italian SMEs (the country’s main asset), allowing Members to invest indirectly in a well-defined asset class
    2. Independence: The model allows the administrative body to make independent decisions, unlike different investment structures
    3. Cost structure: RFLTC has adopted a contained cost structure policy focused on variable compensation in order not to dissipate value
  • Management team

    The management team (including the Board of Directors) of RFLTC consists of professionals with proven experience in various industries

  • For Subsidiaries

    1. Long-term partner: he entrepreneur wants to have a partner who is not speculative, but who plans like him for the development of the company with a long-term vision
    2. No way-out / Exit: RFLTC does not include pre-determined exit clauses in its investment contracts, as the objective is not to sell the company
    3. M&A support/growth: The entrepreneur who chooses a partner expects support in the most critical areas (M&A, managerialization, overseas, finance), activities delivered by the RFLTC team

What we offer

Purchase of minority or majority stakes in small and medium-sized enterprises

RFLTC offers its investees the capital and experience of professionals with specific seniority and expertise in strategy, industry, and financial planning.


RFLTC supports its investees in all financial aspects (fund raising, seeking bank financing, supporting the IPO and/or M&A pathway).

Strategic support

We support our investees on strategic decisions and ongoing fine-tuning of the company’s business plan.

Contact us

If you would like to invest in the holding company or would like to point out a company of possible interest for our investment write to us.

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About us

RedFish LongTerm Capital is an industrial holding company whose purpose is to implement, through the sharing of professional expertise, entrepreneurial strategies designed to increase the long-term value of the holdings of the companies acquired.